O2 Helpline

0844 453 0127

O2 Broadband Customer Services

When Would I Ring The O2 Helpline?

You may find that you need to speak to a member of staff via the O2 Helpline if:

  • You have an issue with the service they are providing
  • You need to upgrade your current package
  • You want to go ahead with cancelling your contract
  • You would like assistance with your bill.

What Services Can I Get From O2?

O2 offers:

  • A personal mobile phone network
  • Business mobile solutions
  • Mobile Broadband

O2's Mobile Network

O2’s mobile phone network is often regarded as being one of the best available. It has also recently began its rollout of 4G services across the country, meaning that O2 customers with compatible 4G devices can get even faster speeds when they are out of  WiFi zones.

Another advantage of being an O2 customer is that you can get access to exclusive pre-sales of tickets for concerts and sporting events. This includes events taking place at the O2 Arena in London, England Rugby Union games and many more. There are also money saving vouchers available through the priority app, such as lunch deals for just £1 on a Monday.

Business Solutions From O2

The business services on offer from O2 are particularly impressive, offering a range of the latest smartphones and tablet devices on exclusive contracts that are designed with business users in mind.

The other advantages of using O2 Business includes:

  • £50 worth of credit to be used for advertising on Twitter
  • 4G included for free on all tariffs above £19.17
  • Free Evernote Premium for a year
  • Offers from the company being promoted to O2 customers
  • Free delivery for online products
  • The option to keep your existing number
  • Online billing and account management
  • A range of special offers from retailers such as Halfords, WH Smiths, Caffe Nero and more

Broadband From O2

The broadband deals that are currently offered by O2 includes dongles and O2 Pocket Hotspots. The idea of these devices is that even when you are in an area with no WiFi connection, you can still use your computer to access the internet with the use of either a dongle or a pocket hotspot.

The dongles and pocket hotspots work off mobile data, and as O2 is providing 4G as well as 3G now, it is unlikely you would ever be without an internet connection.

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