O2 Help

O2-HelpO2 customers might require help with their phones, network and billing. Here are some of the troubles that customers have sometimes encountered, as well as advice on how to solve these particular problems.

Help With Your Coverage Or Network

Sometimes, if you cannot get mobile broadband on your phone, it might be due to a lack of network or coverage in your area. You can check how well it should be performing in your area is by using the O2 official website’s coverage checker. It will give you a three-stage breakdown of how well your phone should be operating in a particular postcode. A green rating means that speeds should be great, an amber rating suggests speeds might be slightly slower and red recommends that mobile broadband is not operable in your area.

Assistance With Incorrect Bills

If your O2 bill is slightly higher than expected, there might be several reasons why this has happened. It might be because you have exceeded your monthly allowance by making calls to premium rate numbers, using services abroad. This might also have happened if it’s your first bill, which will be higher than your usual monthly cost because O2 charges line rental one month in advance. If you have any outstanding costs or have paid a cancellation fee to terminate O2 services, this might explain a higher cost in your final bill too.

Unlocking O2 Mobile To Use On Another Network

Pay Monthly customers can ask to have their handset unlocked at any time for no fee whatsoever. The policy may, however, vary depending on the handset you are using. You will also need to see your contract through even if you begin using a non-O2 sim card in your phone. You can request to have your phone unlocked by completing an O2 help form on their official site or calling a customer service representative.

Help With A Lost Or Stolen Handset

O2 have made their customer service team available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case your device is lost or stolen. The network will be able to block your phone and sim card so that nobody else can use it. It will also send you a new card with your original number. You can make an insurance claim to replace your lost or stolen mobile device if you have taken out a policy with O2. Contact the network for more information.

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