O2 Beats Vodafone To Major Public Contract

modO2 is expected to secure a huge contract with that United Kingdom’s Ministry Of Defence that could secure the mobile operator just under 50,000 mobile connections. It is said to be the biggest and most sought after mobile contract from the United Kingdom’s public sector worth an estimated £5.9 million.

The contract is set to be a four year deal which will be shared in partnership with BT. Vodafone, who has previously worked with the Ministry Of Defence, were hoping to be awarded the contract but it looks like O2 has beat off its rivals to win it.

It is not yet known exactly why the Ministry Of Defence has decided to switch from Vodafone to O2 as its choice of mobile operator. However, the O2 security network has been awarded with a “government approved” status for its secure voice and data services. This security, which apparently costs O2 around £1 million every single day, may have been a major factor in the decision.

This is the ninth government contract that O2 has secured in the last few years having bid on around seventeen of them. It has recently begun working with the Crown Prosecution Service, Department For Business Innovation and the Cabinet Office among many others.

An inside source told Mobile News: “This is a huge deal for O2 and one of its biggest ever contracts. It is the largest and most valuable contract in the public sector and Vodafone will be bitterly disappointed to have lost it after all this time.”

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