O2’s Customer Figures Surpass Major Milestone

O2 has reached a major milestone when it comes to the expansion of their customer base. The UK mobile network has just recently exceeded 25 million customers in Great Britain according to the financial results it released on February 26th.

The financial results indicate that O2 managed to gain 739,000 new contract customers last year in what is a 5.4 per cent year on year increase for the network. In total, this means that 14 million of O2’s customers now use their contract service for a mobile phone, just over half of its entire customer base.

The other good news that was established from these financial reports is that O2 appears to be retaining its customers. While poor service tends to force users to switch networks once their contract period has ended, this is not the case for O2. The company had a mere 1 per cent churn rate. O2 boldly claims it has the best customer loyalty in the market.

The CEO of the mobile network said: “Everyone at O2 has worked extremely hard to deliver another successful year for the business. I’m proud of the dedication our employees have shown along with their passion for giving our customers the best possible service and experiences. Their commitment has helped us drive strong customer growth and market-leading customer loyalty which is reflected in our positive service revenue growth and profit.”

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