O2 Introduces New Data Roaming Tariffs for Travellers in Europe

Network O2 has just announced new data roaming plans for pay-as-you-go and pay monthly customers. The new travel tariffs offer holidaymakers in Europe reduced-rate data roaming.

Thanks to the new plans, contract customers will be able to pay £1.99 per day for Unlimited Bandwidth in any eligible European country. For the same amount, customers who are on Pay & Go will get access to 50MB of data.

From a sample of 2000, only 14 per cent of those who responded reported that they took their mobile phones along with them on day trips whilst they were abroad, whilst more than half (54%) said that they tried not to use data for fear of ‘bill shock’- usually brought on by horror stories in the media of people who used their phone abroad and were billed thousands of pounds.O2 data roaming

Nina Bibby who is the O2 Marketing and Consumer Director said:

“The new plans offer customers a worry-free way to get the most out of their smartphones whilst they were out of the country. People use their smartphones as a source of information on a daily basis; we believe that it should be no different whilst they are on holiday.”

The proposed tariffs come as it has been announced that the EU is planning to abolish roaming charges completely, encouraging networks across countries to work together to provide a service.


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