O2 Telephone Contact Number

0843 557 3690

If you are an O2 customer, you may need to speak to a member of the customer services team regarding an issue you are having.

Why would I need to call the O2 telephone number?O2

✔ To get information on the available tariffs and contracts.
✔ To report a lack of network coverage.
✔ To pay an outstanding bill.
✔ To change your tariff.
✔ To upgrade your existing mobile phone.
✔ To get information on roaming charges.
✔ To report your phone as lost or stolen.
✔ To track an order placed online.
✔ To find your nearest O2 store or academy.
✔ To make a complaint about the service you have experienced.

Services provided by O2

O2 is a mobile network provider in the United Kingdom. Currently, O2 has more than 23 million subscribers who are connected through a range of 2G, 3G and 4G networks. In order to connect to the network, customers can choose to commit via a contract or pay as they go. A contract usually lasts for up to 24 months, paying a specific amount each month. Pay as you go allows customers to top up their credit as and wheo2n they can, over the phone, at an ATM or by purchasing a voucher in a store. As well as a phone network, O2 operates a range of WiFi hotspots throughout the country which you can connect to free of charge. The company also has more than 450 retail stores. O2 has several sectors, catering to businesses as well as financial services. If you are a business you can take advantage of a range of business-orientated contracts to help you get the most out of your work phone. O2 also acts as a sponsor, supporting several sports teams as well as lending its name to several venues up and down the country such as the O2 Apollo Manchester and the O2 Arena London.

About O2

O2 was formed back in 1985 as Cellnet, a joint venture between BT Group and Securicor. In 1999, it became solely a BT venture, later rebranded as BT Cellnet. In 2002, it split from the BT Group to form a new holding company, mmO2 plc which introduced the new O2 brand. In 2005, it came to light that Telefonica, a Spanish telecommunications company had agreed to purchase O2. As part of the deal, Telefonica agreed to retain the O2 brand as well as the company’s UK base.O2





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