O2 create butterflies from old mobile phones to highlight recycling

O2 is starting a new scheme called O2 Recycle and the company has come up with a novel way of promoting it. The company plans to display a series of mechanical butterflies made from old mobile phones in its store windows.

The butterflies were built from discarded mobile phones by a design outfit called This is Good who took over six months to perfect their creation. The creators also spent a great amount of time studying butterflies in order to get it right. It’s not actually the first time that This is Good have been involved in a phone related project. Back in 2012 they created a series of birds made from mobile phones which also responded to calls.

Similarly, the mobile phone butterflies each have a phone number, which when rung will make the butterfly spring to life and flap its wings or flash different coloured lights across its several screens. Exactly how it reacts depends on the caller’s phone number, so each reaction is unique.

O2 hopes that the display will highlight the fact that there is life in old mobile phones once their owner is finished with them, namely the O2 Recycle scheme.

Bill Eyres, head of Sustainability at O2 said that the company can see this display creating a ‘butterfly effect’, inspiring people to regularly recycle their own devices. He added that O2 Recycle offers a simple and sustainable way to recycle unused gadgets and receive a cash payment in return.

O2 Recycle has now recycled over a million gadgets, and the payment you get is dependent on the device and whether it works or not. For example, an old iPhone 4S generates a payment of £110 depending on the condition of your device.o2 customer service


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