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With o2 it’s easy to keep up on the latest gossip from your friends and family even whilst you’re abroad. You can use your mobile phone on over 400 partner networks in over 200 countries to make calls, send texts and browse data. So, don’t be afraid to upload those beach pictures to Facebook, or text your co-workers to let them know how sunny it is!

O2 travel

With O2 Travel you never have to worry about using data in Europe. Wherever you are, you will pay just £1.99 for the days you use data with O2 Travel. You’ll get a text if you hit the daily limit.

Pay Monthly: You will be charged £1.99 for the days you use data in Europe. There is a daily limit of 15 MB and if you reach this, the service will stop. For a higher limit text MOREDATA to 23336 to reset your allowance for another £1.99. If you do not, the allowance will reset automatically at midnight. When you make or receive calls in Europe, there’s a connection charge of 50p, then it is free to talk for up to 60 minutes. Texts sent to Europe and the UK will cost 7p but are free to receive.

Pay & Go: You will be charged £1.99 for the days you use data in Europe. The daily allowance is 15MB and if you reach this, the service will stop. If you want more data text MORETRAVEL to 21300 to receive an extra 15MB for £1.99, otherwise your data will automatically reset at midnight. Calls to the UK and within Europe will cost 24p per minute, receiving calls will cost 7p per minute, texts sent to the UK and Europe will cost 8p but are free to receive. Sending a media message will cost the same as it does on your UK tariff.

A list of countries covered by O2 Travel can be found on the O2 website or call O2 customer service to check if you are covered by it. o2  customer service

European Rates- Pay Monthly

If you don’t have O2 travel, you will pay the standard European rates. This means that making calls to landlines and mobiles in the country that you are visiting will be the same price as calling back to the UK. Unless you have decided to opt out of the spending limits set by o2, your monthly data usage will be capped at £48, or a 100MB monthly usage allowance. This cap is for pay monthly customers. If you decide that you need more data, you can buy the Data Abroad bolt on which will increase your monthly usage limit to 300mb and your spending limit to £120. To do this text DATALIMIT200 to 23336.

Landlines- per minute 24p

Mobiles- per minute 24p

Receiving calls- per minute 6p

Sending texts- per message 7p

Cost per MB of using data- 46p per MB

Blackberry Data Roaming Bolt On (for Pay as You Go customers)

To use email and Blackberry messenger services abroad on Pay & Go, you will need to have the Blackberry Data Roaming Bolt On. All other data except Blackberry services will be charged at the standard rate of 46p per MB within Europe. The Blackberry Data Roaming Bolt On costs £5 per month, with a maximum monthly usage of 10 MB. To buy it text BBROAM to 21300. If you are using a Blackberry 10 device, you do not need the Bolt On.

o2 customer service

International Rates- Pay Monthly

Similarly to European rates, your data usage when travelling internationally will be capped at 50MB or £40 a month unless you choose to opt out. Alternatively, you can purchase the Data Abroad Bolt On which increases your usage limit to 200 MB for £120 a month.

Standard rates when using your phone in North America:

Making Calls- per minute £1.10

Receiving Calls- per minute 90p

Sending Texts- per message 40p

Cost per MB of using data- £6 (capped automatically at £40)

Asia Pacific:

Making Calls- per minute 80p

Sending Texts- per message 40p

Receiving Calls- 80p

Data- £6 per MB

Rest of the World:

Making Calls- per minute £1.50

Sending Texts- per message 40p

Receiving Calls- per minute £1.25

Data- per MB £6

Mobile data is not available in: Angola, Cambodia, Cameroon, Fiji, Cuba, Gambia, Greenland, Lebanon, Mauritius and Sudan.


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