Here are a list of frequently asked questions about O2 Customer Services

What should I do if I lose my phone/have it stolen?

Call O2 customer services and they will block your phone for you. To do this you will need the answer to your security question to hand, your last bill payment data if you are a pay monthly customer or two numbers you call regularly and the amount of credit on your phone if you are a pay and go customer.

 What is the cost of using my phone in Europe?

When you are abroad, you will be charged extra for using your phone. Here is a general guide to costs of using your phone in Europe:

  • Landlines per minute- 24p
  • Mobiles per minute- 24p
  • Receiving calls per minute- 6p
  • Sending texts per message- 7p
  • Cost per MB of using data- 46p

Visit our Roaming Charges page for a detailed breakdown of costs depending on where you are travelling to in the world.

How do I pay my bill?

You can pay your pay-monthly bill by signing into My O2 and following the step by step instructions, or by calling the automated payment line which is 2729 from your O2 mobile.

How can I top-up my mobile?

You can top-up your pay as you go credit by calling 4444 from your mobile and paying with your credit/debit card, by top-up voucher in a store, by using a swipe card or from most major cash machines.

How can I check my remaining minutes/texts/data?

You can check your remaining allowance by logging into My O2, sending an SMS with the word “Balance” to 20202, by dialling 4444 free or by keying ” *#10#” and pressing the call button on your phone.

How do I keep my mobile number after getting a new phone?

Whether you are joining O2 from another network provider or you are switching from O2 Pay & Go to Pay Monthly, you will need to fill out a ‘Keep My Number’ form. This can be found online in the ‘help’ section of the O2 website.

What is the availability of Priority tickets?

There is only ever a limited number of priority tickets available. If they go on sale at the same time as general release tickets, priority will still be exclusive to O2 customers.

How many priority tickets can I buy?

You can purchase up to six tickets for each event. It may be less depending on the event and the demand for tickets.





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