O2 Telephone Number

0844 453 0127

Why Would I Ring The O2 Telephone Number?

You can use the O2 Telephone Number for help with things such as

  • Upgrading your current mobile phone
  • Finding out more about the services that O2 offer
  • Getting help when you are experiencing bad network connections
  • Extra charges for using your phone abroad
  • Changing or upgrading your existing tariff

More Information About O2 O2 Telephone Number

O2 is a leading digital telecommunications company based in the UK. It currently has more than 23 million customers who are provided with 2G, 3G and 4G networks around the UK. O2 also operates WiFi hotspots throughout the country as well as having more than 450 retail stores.

The services offered by O2 includes an impressive mobile phone network, mobile broadband and financial services. They also offer franchising opportunities, as well as sponsoring the England Rugby Team, The O2 Arena and the O2 Academy venues around the UK.

These partnerships allow O2 customers exclusive perks such as behind the scenes insight to the England Rugby Team and priority access to tickets for events at the O2 Arena and O2 Academy events at their 15 venues around the UK. The O2 Arena offers an exclusive space for O2 customers where they are able to do things such as change the wallpaper designs and sent juke box requests via text message.

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