O2 Business Contact Number

0843 658 0834

When Would I Need Assistance From The O2 Business Contact Number?

  • To arrange a handset replacement
  • To organise a device upgrade
  • To get assistance with a network problem
  • You are unable to access your business account online
  • To sort any problems with payment
  • To get help with an O2 service, such as Priority Moments
  • To find out more information about upgrading, changing or cancelling your tariff

About O2 BusinessO2 Business Contact Number

O2 Business has a variety of package to offer, each with different perks. These packages can include mobile tariffs, landlines and broadband, Microsoft Office 365 and Double Data. They can all be tailored to fit what is suitable for your business, no matter what size it is.

If your company chooses to work with services offered from O2, you can expect perks such as access to O2 WiFi hotspots around the country, unlimited calls to O2 mobile phone numbers and the option to add 10 land line numbers that you are free to call with no limits on minutes and no charges.

There are also other perks such as O2 Social Insights, that allows you to view your social media activity in comparison to other similar sized business in the UK. When you sign up for this free tool, you are also granted £50 of credit to advertises through Twitter’s brand new small business advertising platform. There is also 12 months free of Evernote Premium and access to Priority Moments.

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