O2 Broadband Customer Services

0844 453 0127

Why Should I Ring O2 Broadband Customer Services?

  • To upgrade or change your current package
  • To cancel your package
  • To report an issue you are experiencing with your connection
  • To inform O2 you are moving home

A Background To O2 BroadbandO2 Broadband Customer Services

O2 Broadband began as Be Un Limited, an internet service provider in the UK. O2 bought the brand in 2006 and launched an O2 branded broadband network in 2007, using the services provided by Be Un Limited.

In 2011, O2 declared that its fibre optic broadband was designed to compete with BT Infinity. O2 Broadband customers were given an @o2.co.uk email address, as well as O2 offering a selection of routers.

As well as home broadband, O2 offers a wide selection of dongles suitable for mobile broadband usage. These can variety in price and there are different ways to pay, including monthly plans and pay-as-you-go options.

The mobile broadband dongles are able to connect to 3G and 4G networks, as well as accessing any available O2 WiFi hotspots, if there are any around. Customers are able to use the dongles for up to 5 devices to go online, without the need for any cables.

If you already have an O2 dongle, there are a range of SIM only options, with various data amounts and competitive pricing.

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