O2 Broadband Contact Number

0844 453 0127

How Can The O2 Broadband Contact Number Help Me?

The O2 Broadband Contact Number can provide support with

  • Paying bills
  • Upgrading or editing your existing package
  • Issues with connectivity
  • Cancelling your current package
  • Moving home
  • Changing details in your account

More About O2 Broadband 
O2 Home Broadband offers customers an @o2.co.uk email address as well as a wireless router alongside a combination of different packages. O2 also has Mobile Broadband available with a variety of packages on offer.

O2 Broadband Contact Number

O2 Mobile Broadband allows users to connect their laptops or PC’s via 3G and 4G connections. They can also allow users to set up personal hotspots, as well as selling SIM only deals too. Data for the dongles can be purchased on monthly plans or they can just be topped up when they are needed.

The perks of having a monthly data plan includes the option to roll your data over. So rather than loosing unused data, you can roll over up to 12GB of data a month. Users are also able to connect to O2 WiFi spots, rather than using their data, if one is nearby or available.

O2 offers a calculator to work out how much data you would approximately use. It can be accessed here.

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