O2 Arena Phone Number

0843 557 4552

When Would I Need The O2 Arena Phone Number? o2 customer service

You would need to ring the O2 Arena Phone Number if you are looking to:

  • Book tickets for an event
  • Make arrangements for a disabled visitor to attend an event
  • Find out more information about a show
  • You would like to make a special booking, such as VIP
  • You want to find out about the facilities on offer
  • You need help with transport details such as directions and public transport locations

More About The O2 Arena

O2 Arena Phone Number

The O2 Arena is situated on the Greenwich Peninsula, surrounded by an entertainment complex known as ‘The O2’. It has been the host of a range of international superstar concerts as well as comedians, film premieres and sporting events.

O2 customers can get perks for the O2 Arena including priority ticket access 48 hours before they go on general sale and access to a dedicated customer space, where it is possible to dictate the juke box and wallpaper choices via text message.

The O2 Arena was used to host some of the Summer 2012 Olympic Games as well as being able to transform its ground space into a variety of different surfaces including, but not limited to, a basketball court, an ice rink and a concert space.

If you need advice on how to get to the O2 Arena, click here.

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